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If you’re hoping to move around a lot, a moveable tiny home isn’t always the best option. While vans and school bus conversions take the spotlight, my guest Tom Roszko set his sights on a medium-duty ambulance. In this conversation, we’ll learn why used ambulances actually make a fantastic starting point for a conversion, how to find them, and other tips for a DIY, super mobile tiny home. Plus, Tom shares details about his solar, water, and off-grid living in his home.

In This Episode:

  • 10 years of living tiny: the quest for the right mobile tiny dwelling
  • The super single tire conversion and the headaches that go along with it
  • How do figure out the existing wiring system and what should be modified or added?
  • Water in and out of an ambulance
  • It's possible for your tiny house to be propane-free
  • How often does the ambulance go off-road?
  • The fluid process of an ambulance conversion
  • What were the costs associated with the ambulance conversion?
  • Where and how can you find an ambulance?

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Guest Bio:

Tom Roszko

Tom Roszko

Tom has been in one camper or another for the last 25 years. 10 years ago he stepped out of the rat race and got serious about living small. After multiple vehicles that weren't just right, he decided to make his own. A year of labor and a pile of cash resulted in a tiny homemade from a medium-duty ambulance. Formally owned by Yellowstone National Park, this go-anywhere tiny home now fits the bill for a full-time life of fun and adventure.



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More Photos:

Solar panels up on top

Tom uses an electric cooktop, making his home propane-free

The bench makes a perfect bed platform


Built-in cabinets are perfect storage!

He rarely stays in RV parks


No dualies for this ambulance: Tom did a super single conversion on the back tires

The water cabinet


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