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What is Tiny House Engage?

Interest in tiny houses has exploded in recent years. Between the reality TV shows, fairs, workshops, and websites, there is so much information available. There are even dozens of free Facebook groups dedicated to tiny house living… but with over 30,000 members, they are just a deluge of questions, posts, and GoFundMe requests.

When there are so many important decisions to make when building your tiny house, you need individual advice by trusted experts. An intimate community dedicated to supporting people like you through the building and living process.

Add to it that you're busy. How do you find the right answers for you?


Tiny House Engage is a dedicated community for people who are taking action to plan, design, and build their tiny houses, not just talking about it. 

“I love the community that makes up Tiny House Engage. I haven't taken advantage of all of the resources… YET! I'm in the planning phase but I am also planning on starting to begin building the end of this month! I cannot wait ☺. I will most definitely be ustilizing these resources and all of you in the community as I get busier with the tiny house!

Kara S.

Tiny House Engage Member

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What You'll Find Inside Tiny House Engage


Advice and Accountability

  • A private group, with accountability and togetherness, to help make sure you're making good decisions for your tiny house.
  • A mix of members who are still planning and others who are already living tiny ensures there's always something new to learn.

Unlimited Q&A

  • Answers from the experts. Trained contractors are available to answer all your questions, from plumbing to building to lifestyle design.
  • Monthly webinars covering topics that you care about

Dedicated Training Library

  • Unlimited access to hours of information to help you through the planning and building phases of your tiny house.

“For anyone that's put a lot of time and money into research and development in their tiny house goals, you'll already know that the price you pay for community and assurance is WELL worth the low cost of Tiny House Engage membership. Not to mention, in my two year long process, Ethan has been a constant contact for timely and reliable information. Tiny House Engage is proof of just how accommodating Ethan makes this journey for everyone willing to contribute.”


Tiny House Engage Member

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Become a community member and start sharing with, meeting, and getting help from fellow tiny housers right away.

Whether you choose monthly or annual billing, your membership comes with a 30-Day, $1 trial. 

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Why Tiny House Engage is the Most Supportive Community for You:

Tiny House Engage is private online community where you can ask for feedback on your plans, and get help with your obstacles and stumbling blocks.

It's a place for accountability and togetherness: where you can post a goal or action step that you’d like to take on your tiny house to a group of other tiny housers who get what you're doing and will cheer you on.

Ask questions inside Tiny House Engage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You always have access to both the private forum and the training library. 

The Video Training Library

Hours of streaming training videos, including system tours from my own tiny house, recorded live presentations, plus an archive of all of the members only training sessions and office hours with our expert contractors.

New recordings are added each week, covering topics ranging from DIY plumbing to how to run a successful tiny house AirBnb.

Best of all, you can help guide topics for upcoming video trainings. If there's something you're struggling with, just ask! Many of our most popular video trainings started as a question from a member.

Live Streaming Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast Interviews

Tiny House Engage members get to listen live as I interview guests for the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast. This enables you to ask questions of all my expert guests on the show, plus you can hear interviews weeks and sometimes months before the general public! Here are a list of recent guest interviews:

  • Jay Shafer, Founder of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes
  • Lloyd Kahn, Author of Simple Shelters
  • Dee Williams
  • Andrew and Gabriella Morrison from TinyHouseBuild.com
  • MJ Boyle from My Tiny Empty Nest
  • Kent Griswold, Author of Tiny House Magazine
  • Andrew Bennett, creator of the $28,000 tiny house
  • Domenic Mangano, founder of the Jamaica Cottage Shop
  • Abby Hobson, Founder of Tiny Estates, the worlds largest tiny house community

…and so many more!

These are all interviews that Tiny House Engage members got to participate in live. Do you want to have access to my future guest experts? Tiny House Engage is your ticket to weekly tiny house inspiration and knowledge!

We cover new and current topics each and every week. So you're always up-to-date on what's happening in the tiny house world! In short, if you're looking to plan and build your tiny house, I'll show, tell, and teach you how to do it.

* There is no contract to sign.

If you don't absolutely love being in Tiny House Engage, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. 

* There's no pressure.

If at any time you decide it's not right for you, just send us an email and you'll never be charged again. 

* Are you ready to join?

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I really appreciate the Office Hours recordings and also knowing that I can ask questions and get answers from people who have an investment in all of this, not just someone who spent too many hours watching HGTV!

Cheryl H.

Tiny House Engage Member

Join Tiny House Engage for $1!

Become a community member and start sharing with, meeting, and getting help from fellow tiny housers right away.

Whether you choose monthly or annual billing, your membership comes with a 30-Day, $1 trial. 

 Get almost 30% off by paying annually!

About Me

After months of research, I built my own tiny house on wheels starting in June of 2012.

I moved in in 2013 and spent 10 months writing and researching my popular and comprehensive resource, Tiny House Decisions. 

I publish monthly tiny house how-to articles, host the weekly Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, and write a weekly email newsletter to thousands of tiny house fans. 

As my community has grown, I have missed the opportunity to work with and answer questions for individual tiny house enthusiasts. I want to help you realize your tiny house dreams…

…And that's exactly why I've started Tiny House Engage.


Ethan Waldman

Ethan Waldman

Tiny House Dweller and Author

Founder, TheTinyHouse.net

Some of the video trainings available to you when you join Tiny House Engage:

You'll be invited to new live trainings every week and will have access to the entire library at all times!

Managing a Tiny House AirBnb w/ Kristie Wolfe

  • Kristie shares how she has built a successful business around unique tiny house rentals around the country

Tiny House Insulation

  • A comprehensive training session where we compare the many different types of insulation that can be used in a tiny house and explore the pros and cons of each.

Tiny House Heating

  • A training video and live Q&A on how to best heat your tiny house, depending on your lifestyle and energy goals. 

Tiny House Parking

  • Q&A session and discussion on my best tips for finding a good place to park your tiny house

Salvage Building and Solar Living

  • An amazing discussion with Jess and Dan Sullivan on how they built their tiny house with all salvaged materials for just $14k (and how you can too!)

Designing and Building with SIPs

  • A member-led training session with our resident SIPs expert, Kent Eaton!

Tiny House Propane Issues

  • I’ve had many issues with my propane system in the tiny house. I’ll detail what I did wrong and how I fixed it. And as always, I answer your questions.

Tech Tips for Researching your Tiny House

  • Researching tiny houses can be overwhelming. Make sure you’re saving your valuable research in a meaningful way so you can get back to it later!

Air Exchange System

  • I show you how and where I installed my Air Exchange system to make sure the air in my tiny house is always fresh. Crucial for the safety of your Tiny House!

Exterior Drains

  • In this Tiny House System Video Tour, I explore how I set up my exterior drains at my tiny house, including some common mistakes to avoid with exterior drains.

Exterior Water Inlet

  • A full video tour and explanation of how I get water into my tiny house without freezing

Building the Tiny House Photo Slideshow

  • A 65 minute narrated photo presentation showing the complete construction of my tiny house, from framing to finish carpentry. 

…Plus Three Tiny House Decisions Live Member Hangouts

  • Over three hours of technical Q&A about freezing pipes, grey water, finding parking, and more.

Here's what our community members are saying about Tiny House Engage:

“I find Tiny House Engage very helpful! Having this information before building has helped to shape many of the decisions I have made while planning. I feel much more confident in my ability to build (with help) a successful tiny house!

Julienne K.

Tiny House Engage Member

“You have been an inspiration to me for the last 2+ years of my tiny house journey. My tiny house is being built as we speak, due to be completed in May.”

Vivian T.

Tiny House Engage Member

“Tiny House Engage is a great online community to ask questions and get answers from a variety of folks that each have their own solutions to problems associated with tiny homes. There is so much diversity in the group that great ideas and solutions pop up every day!”

Phil Price

Sequim, WA

“Two words to sum it up- community and engage. People from all over the world are coming together to exchange ideas and support each other on our tiny house journeys. I’ve learned a lot from the guest interviews and fellow community members. Everything from shou sugi ban to thermal bridging… it’s all covered in Tiny House Engage!”

Reagan Hauswald

Eugene, OR

“Tiny House Engage is getting me really inspired to keep the communication going. I'm loving the more exclusive nature of the page because it's allowing us to chat with people that are paying attention to each others needs and answering questions for each other almost immediately.”

Erika Guli

Honeoye, NY

Get the individualized help and supportive community you've been looking for while you plan, build, and live in your tiny house.

Become a community member and start sharing with, meeting, and getting help from fellow tiny housers right away.

Whether you choose monthly or annual billing, your membership comes with a 30-Day, $1 trial. 

 Get almost 30% off by paying annually!

“I find Tiny House Engage to be an invaluable resource as I'm struggling through construction. The group has been breat about sharing ideas, concerns, and suggestions with everything I've thrown out there. Your office hours have been so relevant and usually just what I need when I need it!”

Tracey B.

Tiny House Engage Member