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Your Host, Ethan Waldman

Your Host, Ethan Waldman

 Tiny House Author, Speaker, & Teacher

The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast features interviews with tiny house luminaries, builders, DIYers and more.

Learn to plan, build, and live the tiny life.



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How to Sell Everything, Build a Van, and Explore the World with Jayme and John Serbell – #031

Meet Jayme and John from Gnomad Home. They left the stability of their9-5 life in the burbs' for the unpredictable life of adventure living out of a 1996 Chevy Express van they built into a tiny house. Their passion is helping others, so they build a website that shows others how they too can build their own adventure mobile to pursue whatever dreams and goals they have for themselves.

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How to Downsize and Organize: Lessons from living in 90sf with Felice Cohen – #030

Felice Cohen became famous when a video of her 90 square foot Manhattan apartment went viral on YouTube. Despite suffering a panic attack on her first night in the loft, Felice quickly found that living small had massive benefits. But you have to know the answer to the question: “what is you’re why”? In this episode, Felice shares her top 5 tips that could help you get rid of 35 things THIS week.

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Introduction to Steel Framed Tiny Homes – #026

Volstrukt’s Zac Siegler is here to talk about benefits, disadvantages, and cost differences of a steel framed tiny houses. Having spent the last 3 years involved in the structural decisions made when building a mobile tiny house, Zac Siegler and his team at Volstrukt are the specialists when it comes to laser-precise, industrial strength framing solutions combined with lightning fast installation.

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She Travels the Country in a Tiny House with a Mini Pig named Crusher: Tales of Tiny Life with Hilarie Kaczetow – #025

Hilarie built her tiny house on wheels over the course of three years in central NJ. After moving into her dream tiny house in September of 2017, she bought her road companion and best friend, Crusher the mini pig and traveled over 16,000 miles in over 22 states and Canada. She is currently Event Coordinator for TinyFest California and TinyFest NorthWest and is parked in a small town in the north Bay Area is California.

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How to Advocate for Tiny House Legalization: Los Angeles LATCH Collective’s Teresa Baker – #024

Teresa Baker believes in harnessing the power of community to achieve big , and tiny, accomplishments! She's the cofounder of LATCH Collective which is a support network for DIY builders. She also leads advocacy efforts in LA and Statewide with the American Tiny House Association. In her spare time she's working on her own self-built tiny, the BakonBox, attending carpentry school, or playing roller derby.

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