Since completing my tiny house, I’ve changed my heater, hot water heater, and refrigerator. Find out what went wrong and why I decided to make the changes on today’s episode. 

It's easy to write a review of your tiny house appliances when they are brand new. But what about 5 years of frigid winters and day to day use? In this first solo episode of the podcast, Ethan will reveal what appliances have broken and what they've been replaced with, as well as which appliances Ethan voluntarily replaced because they weren't up to the task. 

In this Episode:

  • Why Ethan replaced his Dickinson Newport heater before the first winter in his tiny was even over
  • What Ethan replaced his Dickinson Newport heater with
  • Why Ethan doesn't recommend propane refrigerators for tiny houses
  • What happened to Ethan's on-demand hot water heater
  • Why Ethan decided not to repair or replace his on-demand hot water heater
  • Why a fancy propane leak detection system may not be for you

Links and Resources:

The original heater- Newport Dickinson P12000 as installed in the tiny house

White propane fridge vents on the side of the tiny house


Cutting a new hole for the Williams heater


tiny house propane heater

Williams heater installed


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