Building The Tiny House Blog

Complete Tiny House Video Tour

When the ever creative Derek Diedricksen offered to let me shoot a tour of my tiny house to post on his youtube channel, I jumped on the opportunity!

Podcast Feature: Extra Pack of Peanuts

I join Travis to talk all about tiny houses, how to build them, how to decide if they’re right for you, and most of all, how they afford you more freedom to travel. We go in depth about how much it cost me to build my house, the problems I faced, and the great rewards...

Tiny House Hyperlapse

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Instagram’s new time lapse app, Hyperlapse. Particularly for capturing goings on at the tiny house. Here are a few of my recent captures: How I make Coffee at the Tiny House Approaching the Tiny House And a few nice still...

What I Learned from Dee Williams at the World Domination Summit

I had the immense pleasure of attending the World Domination Summit this year in Portland, Oregon. Even better though, is that Dee Williams was one of the keynote speakers. Dee told her story: The story of waking up in a hospital after suffering a heart attack and...

Your Questions, Answered

I answer every single email that I receive, because I like to extend the courtesy that some kind tiny housers gave to me while I was building. I’ve been getting some really good questions lately, so I thought I’d share some recent ones with you here on the blog.