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Tiny House Plumbing: How to Get Water In and Out of Your Tiny House

One of the parts of building a tiny house that many people worry about is tiny house plumbing. This is one big area where your tiny house will be very different from a regular house. While normal houses generally have permanent access to water because they’re on the grid, when your house is mobile, there’s no guarantee that you’ll always be near to a water source that you can hook up to.

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Tiny House Living: Cooking in a Tiny House

A lot of potential tiny house owners have concerns about cooking in a tiny kitchen. I’m often asked what it’s like to cook in a tiny house, so I thought I’d give you an insight into what it’s like to whip up a meal in my tiny house.

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How to Find Parking for your Tiny House on Wheels

When I started building my tiny house on wheels, I had no idea where I would park it. I followed my instincts, which where that if I built it, the land would appear. And I was right about that: I was able to rent the ideal piece of property in the town near where I... read more

Why Tiny House Living Might Not Be For You

While everyone seems to enjoy looking at Pinterest photos of tiny houses, not everyone would enjoy living in a tiny house. And you may assume that the only people who shouldn’t live in tiny houses are those who flat out aren’t interested in this way of life. But it may surprise you to hear that even if you’ve got your heart set on tiny house living, this lifestyle might not be for you.

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An Unexpected Love Story: Me, Myself, and My Tiny House

Note from Ethan: This is a guest post by Miwa Oseki Robbins Like many tiny house builders I see out there, my dream to build a house started with a partner. We were going to build our small, off-grid, sustainable house and live happily ever after. You could even say... read more

16 Alternatives to Tiny Houses

While I really love tiny houses, I don’t think they’re for everybody. I recognize that some families simply couldn’t fit into a home of just a couple hundred square meters. I recognize that not everyone finds tiny houses as aesthetically pleasing as other buildings. And I recognize that there are cheaper homes you could build.

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