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16 Alternatives to Tiny Houses

While I really love tiny houses, I don’t think they’re for everybody. I recognize that some families simply couldn’t fit into a home of just a couple hundred square meters. I recognize that not everyone finds tiny houses as aesthetically pleasing as other buildings. And I recognize that there are cheaper homes you could build.

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Skip the Trailer: 13 Tiny Houses Built on Foundations

Usually when you picture a tiny house, I imagine you think of one with wheels. If there is such a thing, the “standard” tiny house is built on a trailer, often to get around pesky codes and zoning rules that require buildings to be a certain size in order... read more

Tiny House Kitchen Video Tour

I had such a great time shooting my last Relaxshacks video, that I decided to do it again! In this installment, I strap on the gopro and give you a point-of-view tour around my tiny house kitchen. I show you how the kitchen is laid out and also touch on some of the... read more

The Tiny Guide to Tiny House Retirement

Usually when you think of someone living in a tiny house, you think of young singletons and childless couples like myself. Tiny houses are appealing to people my age because they cost less to buy and run than regular houses. Moving into a tiny house is fairly easy for us too, because we tend to have no children and fewer responsibilities than older people.

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How to Avoid Having a Ladder in Your Tiny House

Most tiny houses builders make the most of the space they have available to them by incorporating a loft into their build. The loft area is then used as a bedroom, and it’s accessed via a ladder. This all makes space-saving sense.

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8 Composting Toilet Tips for Happy Tiny House Living

Composting toilets are the most common type of toilet used in tiny houses. They are also better than normal toilets for a number of reasons: They turn your waste into compost. They reduce water consumption. You can make a DIY one for under $100. They’re really... read more


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