“Equipment can make food faster, but it doesn’t make food better”. -Carmen Shenk

Let’s talk kitchens! Kitchens are central to how we use our homes, and in a time where us tiny house folks obsess over every detail of our home, we shouldn’t overlook the importance of good kitchen design. But also, we shouldn’t overdo it. Tiny houses present an opportunity to have a simple kitchen that makes cooking more mindful and enjoyable.

In Carmen’s book, she says that “Equipment can make food faster, but it doesn’t make food better”. I ask Carmen what kitchen essentials she thinks that every kitchen (tiny or not) should have. From there, we talk about how cooking in a small and simple space forces you to rethink your approach and get back to the basics.

Moving beyond the kitchen, I ask Carmen about her story of leaving an abusive marriage and how living tiny (in a simply outfitted van) helped her transition away from that difficult time in her life.

What You’ll Learn:
  • What are some essentials that every kitchen should have?
  • What 3 knives you need in a tiny house kitchen kitchen?
  • Why are Instant Pots so popular for tiny house kitchens?
  • How do you get your pie fix in a tiny house with no oven?
  • How do you adjust from owning a 3000sf restaurant to cooking in a tiny house kitchen?

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