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Sometime around March of 2020, I went to the grocery store to stock up on some things and discovered that most of the staples like flour, rice, beans, and toilet paper were out of stock. You may be able to relate to my experience, but my guest Matt Gabriel cannot. Matt is a Prepper who specializes in outdoor survival skills, and he’s here to help us get into a prepper mindset so we can learn to survive and thrive in whatever situations nature throws our way. AND how to do it while living tiny.

In This Episode:

  • What is a prepper, what are they preparing for, and are they all nuts?
  • Survival skills are the ultimate insurance policy
  • Alternatives to stocking up: pay attention to plants
  • Weeds are wonderful
  • Building a tiny house with preparedness in mind
  • The most efficient way to power your house will surprise you
  • Bugging out: what it is and why you should be prepared

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Guest Bio:

Matt Gabriel

Matt Gabriel

Matt “Animal Man” Gabriel began developing a love of the outdoors as a young child. When he was 11 years old, his father bought him a survival manual (Tom Brown's Field Guide To Wilderness Survival), and so began Matt's lifelong obsession with survival skills. Matt began practicing and trying to duplicate everything from the book that he could on weekends and after school. As an adult, Matt attended two week-long professional survival courses that proved instrumental in forming the core of his survival repertoire. He then spent years increasing his knowledge and experience level by practicing and experimenting on a daily basis. In 2015, Matt felt the calling to begin teaching so he began posting videos on YouTube. Today he travels throughout New England sharing his skills.






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More Photos:

The Day Lily – a survivalist staple

Do you have a ‘get home' bag?

Matt's bushcraft shelter


Good friends, ‘survival stew', and a wigwam

The result of a natural camouflage class

Nature's antiviral


Organic aquaponic lettuce

Picking mulberries on a favorite bike path

The $50 pop-up project


The exterior of Matt's wigwam

A greenhouse and tortoise pen all in one

Wigwam interior


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