Lauren and Chris are a husband and wife team of Airbnb entrepreneurs. They own two rental properties in Southern Vermont, one of which is the beautiful Green Mountain Tiny House. They were incredibly intentional about how they set up this tiny house as an Airbnb. If you're thinking about investing in tiny houses as rentals, or you want to make sure your own tiny house will be viable as a rental down the road, this is a great interview to learn about what features it should and shouldn't have to be appealing to travelers.

In This Episode:

  • Which came first for this couple: Tiny Houses or Airbnb?
  • How their Green Mountain bridges the gap between a hotel room and a tiny home with modern amenities.
  • The outdoor setting can be as important as what's inside your tiny house Airbnb
  • “Intsagramable” moments
  • Should you plan on marketing outside of the Airbnb platform?
  • How they found the land for their tiny
  • Setting up a team to help run your tiny Airbnb
  • Is a tiny house worth the investment for Airbnb?
  • How Lauren and Chris determine the pricing

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Guest Bio:

Lauren Hudson

Lauren Hudson

Lauren Hudson and Chris Krieger are a husband and wife team of Airbnb entrepreneurs. The duo currently owns three rental properties (one being a tiny house) and runs Wildwood Collective: a vacation rental marketing and management company for a curated collection of Airbnbs. In their 9-5 lives, Lauren is a creative director and Chris a finance executive. They are often found traveling to all corners of the country, staying in tiny homes along the way, with their goal of hitting every one of our fantastic 61 National Parks within the next fifteen years.


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The skylights give the living room and kitchen a lot of natural light.

Under cabinet storage is a nice way to use the space under the cabinets!

Beautiful detail on the wooden beams.

Relax outdoors next to the fire pit.

Closet space on either side of the bed and an adjustable fan are nice touches.


No ladder for this house.

Traditional plumbing with a flush toilet in the bathroom.

The kitchen includes a four-burner gas range and a full-size fridge.

More space to relax and enjoy the outdoors from the boat dock turned deck.


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