Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland has developed an ingenious system (NestHouse) for building moveable, modular tiny houses. Jonathan shares his philosophy on carpentry and design, and we explore the tiny house scene in Scotland and the United Kingdom.


In This Episode:

  • From building furniture to building tiny homes: Jonathan’s tiny house journey
  • The difference between a big business and personal artistic expression
  • How do the modules in the Nest House work?
  • The tiny house movement in other countries, workshops, building, and safety regulations
  • Scotland and the legalities of tiny houses
  • Helping the homeless with Social Bite
  • The UK’s housing crisis parallels that of the US

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Jonathan Avery

Jonathan Avery

Jonathan Avery founded Tiny House Scotland in February 2014 and has designed two forms of tiny house: the NestHouse™ which is a moveable modular system and the NestPod™ which has its own road-going trailer. Jonathan is a designer craftsman with over 30 years experience and he designs and builds two to three unique tiny houses or living wagons a year to client commission. He calls his work the Fine Art of Moveable Micro Architecture.

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