Today's episode is all about how tiny house living can spark a life of entrepreneurship… whether you were planning to or not.

After designing, building, and living with her husband in their off-grid tiny house from 2013 to 2017, Jess Sullivan has become a seasoned tiny house dweller, blogger, and inspirational speaker best known throughout New England. She continues to write their blog – Another Tiny House Story – and participate in workshops, presentations, and conferences related to green and tiny living. She has a chapter published in the book Turning Tiny, in which she focuses on the incredible and unanticipated changes in mindset and self-confidence that occurred during this great little adventure. She began the tiny house endeavor looking to shed the unnecessary, but could never have dreamt of what she was to gain.

In This Episode:

  • How did the living in a tiny house affect Jess’s life afterwards?
  • What drew Jess and Dan to the tiny house lifestyle and how were they able to build their house for so little money?
  • How tiny house living convinced Jess to finally leave her job.
  • The story of Jess’s first business, Two Little Buns
  • Why Jess and Dan decided to sell their tiny house, and how they were able to sell it so quickly.
  • What elements of tiny house living has Jess brought forward into her current lifestyle?
  • What advice does Jess have for other tiny house entrepreneurs?

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