Deek Diedricksen tiny house and tree house Author, builder, designer, and workshop host- former HGTV host of “Tiny House Builders” and “Extreme Small Spaces”. Just don't get all “tinier than thou” on him!

Deek gave me my FIRST tiny house speaking opportunity at a live building event at an art museum, and I’ve enjoyed attending his Tiny House Summercamp and other workshops.


In our wide ranging conversation, Deek and I cover a lot! You'll learn:

  • What is Deek Working on that he’s excited about RIGHT NOW. (Hint: lots of upcoming workshops and a new book!)
  • The philosophy behind Deek’s workshop format
  • How did Deek develop his unique style and aesthetic?
  • In Microshelters, Deek recommends carrying a tool kit in your car so you can be ready to salvage building materials on the side of the road. I’ll ask Deek what he has in his car RIGHT now.
  • Deek’s tips for finding great, free, salvaged building materials.
  • How did Deek get the name “Deek”?
  • What’s the future of the tiny house movement?


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