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Darin Dinsmore is the urban planner and landscape architect behind the amazing TinyCamp Sedona, a small pod of tiny houses available for nightly rentals outside of Sedona, Arizona. Darin is just getting started applying his skills as a developer to tiny house communities. He’ll let us in on the projects he’s working on now, how he approaches developing tiny house communities, and what he’s excited about for the future of tiny homes.

In This Episode:

  • A recovering urban planner turns to tiny homes to address the housing crisis
  • How TinyCamp used different examples to showcase the types of tiny homes that are possible
  • Tiny house regulations, zoning code hacks, and the language that matters
  • Projects that are currently in development and who they serve
  • What is a Zoom Community and how did Covid affect where people are choosing to live?
  • Bungalow courts in military towns are a source of inspiration for tiny home villages
  • First steps to starting your own tiny house community
  • Why legal permits are a good idea
  • Cities copy what other cities are doing: Boulder, CO is a case study
  • How to use input from the community and potential residents to build your tiny house community
  • Get the most value out of your land by using your tiny house
  • Become your own bank: an investment method for a tiny house village

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Guest Bio:

Darin Dinsmore

Darin Dinsmore

Darin Dinsmore is an urban planner & landscape architect with over 25 years of experience in community-based planning and design. He launched Crowdbrite in 2010 to bring plans to life and find solutions to improve civic engagement. His award-winning interactive online tool has helped more than 1 m people design their city while leveraging more than $2.5b of new investment. The Crowdbrite team helps build the natural, social, and financial capital to strengthen neighborhoods and revitalize communities. We were awarded the app of the year 2016 by the Lincoln Land Institute with projects featured in Fast Company Magazine.

To help create more sustainable and vibrant communities he launched a suite of SMART planning tools including www.infillscore.com and the Community Revitalization Program, used by more than 400 communities. In 2020 Darin is working to create new jobs and innovative housing solutions with 5 Tiny House demonstration projects across California and Arizona. Their first projects include www.tinycamp.com in magical Sedona, Az, City of Riverside Grove tiny homes and a tiny house for a teacher at the Sedona Charter School. The latest project features integrated community gardens and many sustainability features.




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More Photos:

All photos are courtesy of Katherine Bacon

White paint and lots of natural sunlight make a tiny house look large

A welcoming loft bed awaits the vacationers who will stay here

The storage loft shows guests how they can use the space in their own tiny homes


Comfy additional seating

A sign tells Instagramers which hashtags to use – #helpful

I love the t-shirts


Oversize chair or small sofa? What do you think?

Different designs help guests decide what they like best about tiny house living

Bathroom layout is always interesting


The electric range helps cut down your propane consumption.

The kitchen and bathroom under the sleeping loft

Living room with television and footrest


Bathroom storage shelf

A clever use of two small tables


A nice deck for sitting outside


Darin put the moveable tiny house onto a permanent foundation

The height of this tiny house is due to the slope in the rear

Tiny Camp


Nice sitting area and grill

Nesting tables allow you to keep things neat

Hot tub under the stars

There's even room for yoga


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