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Chris Strathy AKA The Capable Carpenter has jumped headfirst into all aspects of tiny house building. After his first tiny house on wheels “It's OK To Play”, he has worked on a horse trailer conversion, a tiny a-frame, and even repaired some damaged tiny homes that needed some love. Chris works with salvaged materials and has an amazing mobile workshop made from a converted camper. We cover it all in this interview.

In This Episode:

  • Tiny house financing schemes
  • Tiny house remodels
  • What remodeling and repairing tiny houses has taught Chris
  • Which repairs can you expect from moving your tiny house?
  • Be thoughtful when building, but don't overthink it
  • The Dogghouse- Chris's workshop on wheels
  • How to make book page floors
  • Chris's plans for his YouTube channel: some fun stuff coming up!

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Guest Bio:

Chris Strathy

Chris Strathy

Chris has construction experience ranging from marine construction to century-old remodels. Over the past few years, he has focused on minimal, tiny and alternative living. his recent work includes horse and van conversions, a new THOW, a few minimal cabins and tiny house remodels. Chris is excited to be working on some cool conversions like an old bookmobile, school bus, shipping container, and barn and will be featuring it all on his newly launched Youtube channel.

@thecapablecarpenter for FB and IG

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Tiny House Decisions

Tiny House Decisions is the super helpful guidebook that I wrote 5 years ago to share all of the knowledge and decisions that I made to build my own tiny house, along with what I did right, what I did wrong, and how I would change things. The guidebook, now in its second edition, has been completely rewritten and expanded to reflect how tiny houses are being built today and it also includes several new tiny house stories from other tiny house dwellers. The guidebook has been expanded to include things like SIPs, metal framing, and different types of insulation, and I seriously think this is the most helpful thing you can buy if you are thinking about living in a tiny house. If you go through the guidebook from start to finish, you will have a solid plan for all the systems and everything else that’s going to go into your tiny house. The second edition has been a long time in the making and I’m really excited to share it with the world. 

To learn more you can head over to thetinyhouse.net/thd.


It's OK To Play – now called The Rolling Rosie






Beautiful combination of different wood finishes


Kitchen table folded down

Hidden storage



The back deck folds up

The back deck folded down

The  A-Frame, designed by Deek Diedricksen of Relaxshacks.com


The floor is covered with old book pages

The doors and windows are salvaged

This horse trailer is now a tiny rental house!


Pallet wood made pretty



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Amazing tiny home with hidden storage The Capable Carpenter's Tiny A-Frame