I've become increasingly interested in the idea of adding a porch to my tiny house, but also increasingly obsessed with using as much of the trailer as I can for indoor space. 


So, I've talked to a few people (designers, builders) about adding a porch hanging off the back of the trailer. The word they use is cantilevered. From a building/engineering perspective, this would be really doable.  


My concern is about the trailer. If I have a 3 or 4 foot porch hanging off the back of the trailer, what is my risk of that porch bottoming out as I drive up a steep hill? 


Does anyone know what the guidelines are? Is there a general rule of thumb, or is it something I'd have to discuss with the trailer manufacturer?


Inline image 1


The only house I've seen that has done this is the ProtoHaus, but it doesn't look like they went beyond the trailer by more than 1 or 2 feet. Anyone?