As you can tell from the title of this post, windows are one aspect of this project that have me scratching my head. The spec sheet for the Fencl tells you exactly what windows to buy from Jeld-Wen

I’m tempted to just order what they say, but there’s a downside: Brand new windows are really expensive. A quick search of craigslist>for sale>materials shows plenty of people offering windows (sometimes brand new) at a fraction of the cost. In all my searches so far, I haven’t found anything that is just right in terms of size. So my choice is:

I can buy the windows that Tumbleweed recommends and be able to follow the plans exactly.


I can buy windows that are close to the size Tumbleweed recommends, and will have to alter the plans to make them fit.

Given my (relatively minimal) construction background, I’m tempted to just buy what they say.

Another idea that has been popular in my overactive mind is buying the windows they recommend for the front of the house (those five windows in the bump-out section) and then mix and match what I can find on craigslist for the other windows.

What do you think?