Hey folks! Here's what's been going on in tiny house land:

-We packed everything onto the trailer and moved it from the hangar to its new home behind the barn.

IMG 2278

IMG 2288

-We built a wood rack in one of the empty horse stalls and unloaded all of the lumber. The two end walls fit perfectly!

IMG 2282

IMG 2283


-We cut pieces of 1/16″ Galvanized steel to act as the backdrop  behind the wheel well header, and then wrapped a piece of ice and water shield up from under the floor to the top of the metal. This makes it so that water can flow in on top of the wheel well and it will hit the membrane and just flow out and drain underneath the trailer.

IMG 2284

IMG 2285

IMG 2286

IMG 2287

What I'm Working On Now:

-Figuring out how best to level the trailer. It seems like as soon as we have one end level, the other goes out. I'm thinking that having 4 trailer jacks and at least two people turning them will help with this.

-I'm not sure what I need to do/check before permanently fastening the floor to the trailer. We did the 3′ X 4′ X 5′ triangles at the corners and it still seems square. I would like the trailer itself to be level before securing the floor to it, but when I'm using the floor as my reference point for level, who knows what the best move is. Any other tiny house people out there with advice?