I had the immense pleasure of attending the World Domination Summit this year in Portland, Oregon. Even better though, is that Dee Williams was one of the keynote speakers.

Dee told her story: The story of waking up in a hospital after suffering a heart attack and re-evaluating her life. The story of deciding to get out from under debt and start living the life she truly wanted, right away. It's an inspiring story, and one that I suggest you hear by reading The Big Tiny, Dee's new book

But what I wasn't expecting was her other advice: Be a superhero. 

Dee walked out onto stage holding a red blanket, which turned out to be a cape. She explained that by wearing a cape, you start to think like a superhero.

  • Your posture changes- your back is straight and your head is upright
  • Instead of walking normally, you stride confidently through the world
  • Your hands stay alert alert and at your side, ready for anything

Most importantly, as a super hero you've got to show up.

Dee mentioned the distractions of technology a number of times throughout her talk, and that by looking down at our smartphones at every buzz or ping, we are robbing those around us of the gift of our presence.

Besides, as a super hero, if you don't see something happening, you can't react to it.

I expected Dee's talk to be more about tiny houses, but I was really pleasantly surprised that her house talked more about the why. Why build a tiny house? So you can be less distracted by your debt, possessions and responsibilities and more present with your friends, family, and interests. What I learned from Dee is this:

Tiny doesn't necessarily mean simple.

Though I do live in my tiny house, just that fact alone does not make my life simpler. Just because I can't fit as many tshirts in my closet doesn't make my life simple or distraction free. Leading a simple life takes effort- it takes conscious mindfulness. It takes being a superhero.

Are you interested in the tiny lifestyle?

My upcoming resource kit, Tiny House Decisions is in the editing phase and will be done soon. If you'd like to be notified when it's ready, please visit this page and sign up. I'll offer an initial discount to anyone on the list when I put Tiny House Decisions out into the world.

Photo Credit: Armosa Studios and Chris Guillebeau