Meet Vera Struck. She's a returning guest on the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast and we connected on March 25th via Facetime to chat about Vera's current living situation. “I'm in my 70's, I'm immunocompromised, and I've been isolating in a tiny house for 3.5 weeks”. Vera has 5 tips when it comes to isolating in a tiny house, and I think these would be really helpful for anyone living tiny or currently planning a tiny house. I really appreciated Vera's candor and vulnerability in this conversation and I think you'll enjoy listening.

In This Episode:

  • What Vera's last 3.5 weeks of living tiny have been like
  • How Vera prepared her tiny in advance
  • 5 Tips for Isolating in a tiny house
  • Deciding how to use your tiny house during a health crisis
  • Are tiny houses good for pandemics?

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Guest Bio:

Vera Struck

Vera Struck

Vera Struck is an entrepreneur, reclamation artist, author, consultant, educator, speaker, tiny house designer/builder/dweller and lifelong environmental activist.

Significant accomplishments include her development of a Greenbelt, 2 County Ecology Centers and the 249 A Street Building artist’s cooperative. After a successful career as a serial entrepreneur, Vera retired to build The Silver Bullet Tiny House/Classroom as a sustainable lifestyle educational module for her sustainability education non-profit,, she founded in 2012. It completed its mission of inspiring over 100,000 Americans to live more sustainable lifestyles in 2019.

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Vera at her 100+ Year Old Singer Sewing Machine

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