Today's episode is all about how a disabled cancer survivor in her 60's built a sustainable, off-grid tiny house. 

In a world of diminishing resources, Vera Struck has taken it as a moral imperative to reduce her footprint. So she set herself a challenge: To build a tiny house for under $20k, without any previous building experience, raising all the money herself, without using fossil fuels.

The result is the Silver Bullet: The off-grid, water-harvesting, solar, non-fossil fuel, non-toxic tiny home made from 85% reclaimed materials.

In This Episode:

  • What does it mean to live a sustainable lifestyle?
  • How can you incorporate sustainability into your tiny house build?
  • How Vera built a tiny house that breathes (biomimicry)
  • How a woman in her 60’s can build a tiny house working  solo
  • Why did it take so long for Vera to build the Silver Bullet?
  • How do you heat a tiny house on solar energy only in the northeastern United States?
  • How Vera looks at her tiny house as an asset (regardless of monetary value)
  • How is Vera’s tiny house water harvesting system set up

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