Meet Jake and Kiva, the power couple behind the popular Tiny Nest Project youtube channel. The Tiny Nest Project started as a conversation in 2012 after watching a documentary on tiny homes. After a period of research and money-saving, they moved to Kiva’s family farm and began building. Jake and Kiva have now switched from working as an electrician and in high end retail respectively, to taking care of horses, running a youtube channel, and doing 3D rendering and 3D tours of tiny houses.

“The tiny house is just a tool, not a solution for a lifestyle change.“ -Jake Stevenson

You'll Learn:

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of moving into your tiny house before it’s complete?
  • How to realistically approach the lifestyle change that comes from living tiny
  • How did Jake and Kiva handle filming their build AND completing it?
  • Is tiny house electrical something that people even should consider DIY-ing?
  • What are the benefits of seeing a tiny house in 3d?

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