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Today I am joined by a group of three friends to solve the problem we’re all facing today: the housing crisis! They decided to start a company called Tiny Easy that provides affordable tiny house plans with beautiful designs, SketchUp courses, and a lot more in the works. This is an impressive group of young entrepreneurs who I think will go a long way in the tiny house world.

In This Episode:

  • A one-stop-shop for everything tiny
  • Helping people customize their tiny house plans
  • An easier way to design with SketchUp
  • How to design a tiny house in 10 minutes
  • Why tiny homes are huge in New Zealand
  • New Zealand’s tiny house regulations

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Guest Bio:

The Tiny Easy Team

The Tiny Easy Team

Tiny Easy was founded by a group of friends with a like-minded goal: to solve the problem we’re all facing today: the housing crisis!

The team of four provides affordable tiny house plans of stunning designs that give you the chance to design & build the tiny house that's just right for you.

Their driving force behind Tiny Easy is to encourage and inspire other tiny house enthusiasts like you to get into your tiny house faster!


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Tiny Easy's mission is to make designing a tiny home as easy as possible

They have beautiful plans available and they teach you how to customize them

Different tutorials and SketchUp template packages have measurements built in


Tiny homes in New Zealand are built to higher standards than average houses

Many New Zealanders are opting for tiny homes, rather than mortgages

Laurin and Eujenne are still working on building their own tiny house


In New Zealand, tiny homes on wheels are considered vehicles, not houses

Till, Laurin, and Eujenne have gained experience working with other builders

One of Tiny Easy's core values is sustainability


Their goals include building inexpensive, high-quality housing

Tiny Easy takes prospective residents into account while designing each set of plans

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