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How to plan, build, and live the tiny life
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Your Host, Ethan Waldman

Your Host, Ethan Waldman

 Tiny House Author, Speaker, & Teacher

The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast features interviews with tiny house luminaries, builders, DIYers and more.

Learn to plan, build, and live the tiny life.



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19th Century Tiny House with a Piano Bed and Hidden Amenities with Shorty Robbins – #040

Shorty Robbins started her tiny house journey in a tent. Her tiny house, Nawaka, was built to replace the elaborate “tent compound” she sets up at living history events. The house is designed to replicate a small Victorian cottage, but hides all the modern amenities as well As she built her house and learned more about tiny living, she embraced the life and now lives tiny full time, in one century or another….

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How to Convert a School Bus to a Tiny House on Wheels and Why You’d Want To with Michael Fuehrer – #035

Michael Fuehrer from Navigationnowhere has been living in his tiny house school bus for just over two years and is passionate about supporting and developing the buslife community. Over the past two years, what started as a summer road trip in a bus has now turned in to more than 50,000 miles where he now helps build, consult and, write about how others can live the buslife.

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How to Sell Everything, Build a Van, and Explore the World with Jayme and John Serbell – #031

Meet Jayme and John from Gnomad Home. They left the stability of their9-5 life in the burbs' for the unpredictable life of adventure living out of a 1996 Chevy Express van they built into a tiny house. Their passion is helping others, so they build a website that shows others how they too can build their own adventure mobile to pursue whatever dreams and goals they have for themselves.

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