Exciting news: We have finished applying plywood and galvanized steel flashing to the underside of the floor framing, and flipped it up onto the trailer. The whole assembly was very, very heavy as one piece. I would estimate around 800 pounds.

Ann, Nate, my dad and I had a rough time with it on Saturday trying to flip it off the trailer. We ended up denting up one of the wheel wells on the trailer in the process. It was decided that we would need a lot more people the next time we attempted to do anything.

I put out the call for help on Saturday evening, and by Sunday morning we had a big group of volunteers who came out and helped get it done!

First, we pulled the trailer out of the hangar so we could flip the floor framing directly in line with it:

IMG 0895

Next step was to flip the floor framing over. We had a handful of people stand in front of it and use their feet as a barrier to prevent it from slipping. The rest of us lifted it up and brought it to vertical:

IMG 0899

IMG 0903

IMG 0904

Next. the people who were blocking the floor with their feet ran around to the other side to do the same job as we let it back down:

IMG 0907

Finally, we distributed ourselves evenly on both sides and walked the floor framing forward onto the trailer:

IMG 0912

IMG 0914

I wouldn't call the floor “done” yet. We still need to build our custom blocking and protective membrane around the wheel well section of floor framing. This area is particularly prone to water damage, and we realized the way it's currently set up would not hold up so well over time.

I'll do another post to detail that system when we get working on it.

Once that's done, we can attach the subfloor system to the trailer by screwing 4″ lag bolts up through the trailer decking into the floor framing joists.

Thank you to everyone who came to help!

Ann Carpenter

Ellen & Peter Waldman

Milford Cushman

Terri Gregory

Patrick Corcoran


Kathy (and her son)

Neal Smith

Mary Johnson

Steven & Miriam Rosenblum