Today my guest is Teresa Baker. She's the cofounder of LATCH Collective which is a support network for DIY builders. She also leads advocacy efforts in LA and Statewide with the American Tiny House Association. In her spare time she's working on her own self-built tiny, the BakonBox.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about how the Latch collective supports people building tiny houses in LA, and provides education and resources for those who are still exploring the possibility of living tiny. Teresa is also involved in the exciting advocacy efforts happening to legalize tiny homes in Lost Angeles. We’ll hear the serendipitous story of how a planning commissioner overheard her conversation in a bar and approached her to help lead the efforts to include tiny houses in some new regulations.

For anyone who is wondering how they you can get tiny homes legalized in your community, listen to this conversation with Teresa for practical tips and plenty of inspiration!

In This Episode:

  • What is the LATCH Collective?
  • An unlikely story of tiny house advocacy in LA
  • The current state of tiny house legalization in LA
  • How to advocate for tiny house legalization in YOUR town (hint: let your voice be heard!)
  • An update on Teresa and Shayna’s tiny house, The Bakon Box
  • Why Teresa chose to frame the Bakon Box with Metal Studs

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