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Moving a tiny house is no easy task. As the movement grows, so do the tiny homes, making each move more complicated. Today I’m speaking with Taylor Tefft, a professional tiny house mover. She’s here to discuss the ins and outs of moving a tiny home. We cover pricing, insurance, how long it takes, and even moving tiny homes that aren’t on wheels.

In This Episode:

  • What is the process for getting your tiny house moved by a pro?
  • The type of trailer to avoid and why
  • The perks of having a pro move your house
  • Your responsibilities vs the mover's responsibilities
  • Points to consider when choosing a spot to park your tiny
  • Taylor has some advice for building your house to make moving easier
  • Ballpark moving costs to help you plan your budget
  • Talk tiny to me: the not so tiny “tiny” cabin, average dimensions, and park models
  • How often to people really move their tiny homes?

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Guest Bio:

Taylor Tefft

Taylor Tefft

Taylor with One Call Logistics – A transportation specialist who enjoys the tiny house movement community while helping deliver the final result. As soon as I stepped foot in the Logistics industry I knew I made the right decision. Moving different commodities all over the country is super interesting, but it wasn't until I stepped into arranging tiny house transportation that I knew this was going to be amazing. From learning the different style builders, customers, and backgrounds to setting up the actual transport and seeing the tinies get delivered across the states. The best feeling is helping someone get their tiny home, home.




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More Photos:

A Liberation Tiny Home on it's way to South Carolina

You don't have to wait for Spring – One Call Logistics transports tiny homes in all types of weather conditions

Extending your home past the end of the trailer can sometimes cause issues with moving it, but it's still possible



Complete relocation from Pennsylvania to Arizona

The flamingo on the side shows that this house is ready to go to Florida

In the mountains in Washington, where many people are choosing to go tiny


This one is headed to Vermont!

Choose your parking spot wisely to prevent a lot of time being spent moving things out of the way

Moving from Texas to California


Happy and having fun!

Tiny home from Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

Tiny home transport from Oregon to Utah


The not so tiny cabin

Side view of the “tiny” cabin

If the dogs are happy, everyone is happy


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