I met Steven at the Vermont Tiny Fest and I was impressed by his contributions to a panel discussion about the future of tiny house trailers. Steven has been in the trailer business for a long time building custom trailers, and so it was only natural that when the tiny house movement took hold he started building custom tiny house trailers. He has some ideas about how we can improve tiny house trailers for the structures that we’re building on them and has noticed some problems with the common designs that are out there for tiny house trailers. It’s a great conversation and you’ll definitely learn something new about trailers! (I didn’t know what torsion axles were until our conversation.)

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In This Episode:

  • Tiny house trailers now and what needs improvement
  • How Steven handles custom trailers when the buyer isn’t sure of what they need
  • Can trailer design cause a cold spot in your tiny house?
  • Improvements Steven suggests
  • What are torsion axles?
  • Trailer materials: the good and the bad, and what Steven would personally use
  • Axle configurations explained
  • Trailer weight capacity: what are some safety precautions and signs that you’re overloaded?
  • Suggestions for long-term trailer parking and yearly maintenance

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Guest Bio:


Steven Wright

Steven Wright

Steve Wright has more than 25 years of hands-on trailer experience, building them alongside his dad from the ground up. An experienced welder, fitter and fabricator, through the years Steve has gone from working with his dad to taking over the reigns of running one of Southern Massachusetts' most respected trailer dealers and trailer manufacturers.

In the last few years, he has heard of the need for a quality, dependable trailer to serve as a platform for the booming tiny house industry as too many of the ones being manufactured were of a low quality, lowest bidder type design and not the type of trailer that one would wish to build their home upon. Also, the platforms were being built as a cookie-cutter design and were not being custom designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.




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More Photos:

Dan has some great customer service!

Custom tiny house trailer platform

PAN Style Trailer

Custom Gooseneck trailer

Custom deckover tiny house trailer frame

Mastheads tiny house art

Mastheads tiny house art

Custom built tiny house frame

Custom built tiny house frame

Custom deckover tiny house trailer frame

Custom deckover tiny house trailer frame

Custom built tiny house frame

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