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Talking to kids about downsizing, minimalism, and going tiny can be difficult. That's why my guests Becky Flansburg and BA Norrgard decided to write a children's book. Sissy Goes Tiny was created to share the process of going tiny from a child's perspective.

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In This Episode:

  • The story of how Sissy Goes Tiny came to be
  • Plot overview
  • Where did the name Sissy come from?
  • What’s the overall messages of the book?
  • How does Sissy learn about repurposing?
  • How did Becky and BA choose the house on the cover?
  • Did BA face skepticism or criticism when she chose to go tiny?
  • Where and when you can buy Sissy Goes Tiny?

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Ba Norrgard

Ba Norrgard

In 2012, bucking societal exceptions and following her inner guidance, B.A. (Beth Ann) Norrgard shed her paralegal costume after 26 years in a downtown high rise and hand built her tiny house.  She is a passionate advocate for others following their dreams and letting go of societal conditioning, and being free to live a larger life in a smaller space.


Rebecca Flansburg

Rebecca Flansburg

Rebecca “Becky” Flansburg is an author, freelance writer, and blogger from Minnesota who writes about parenthood topics and being a mompreneur.

More Photos from Sissy Goes Tiny:

Sissy Goes Tiny Book Cover

Sissy Goes Tiny Illustration

Sissy Goes Tiny Illustration

Sissy Goes Tiny Front and Rear Cover


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