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Rather than flying under the radar, Sarah decided to be public about her tiny house and the consequences and resulting actions didn't go the way that she had hoped. This is an important and instructive story for anyone hoping to live tiny legally. I initially met Sarah Hastings at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival, where she was a star participant in the panel discussion on building a tiny house with salvaged materials (episode 094). Sarah's story of going up against the town she lived in and ultimately being forced to leave is why I've asked her back on the show for her own interview.

In This Episode:

  • Collecting salvaged materials to use in the tiny house
  • Tiny house, big controversy
  • Why the opposition to tiny houses?
  • What other towns in Massachusetts are doing with tiny house laws
  • Sarah's advice to people who want to live in a tiny house
  • Winter water system
  • Loopholes to use when finding tiny house parking
  • Advice for tiny house hopefuls
  • Inspiration for Sarah's tiny house name: Rhizhome

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Posted by Rhizhome on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Guest Bio:

Sarah Hastings

Sarah Hastings

Sarah lives in western Massachusetts, where she is involved in local agriculture and traditional craft. She takes pride in living year-round in her self-built tiny house on wheels, which she completed using local and salvaged materials in 2015. At first, her rustic routines and elegant aesthetic preferences might seem like a contradiction. She will be happy to share with you the feelings of abundance and opportunity that her simple lifestyle nurtures.

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Christmas lights on the porch!

Rhizhome is a play on the word rhizome.

Perfect lighting for a fall photo

Let's talk about the elephant in the room

A tiny house isn't complete without a cat

The elephant shelf supports are just cool

Sarah talks about her hoosier cabinet in the episode

A nice sunny seating area

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