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This week, we're back to everyone’s favorite topic: Tiny House Toilets. On the show, I chat with the inventor of the C-Head Compact Composting Toilet, Sandy Graves. This system diverts urine away from the solid waste resulting in a system that requires much less frequent emptying than the classic Jenkins Humanure toilet.

In This Episode:

  • What problem does the C-Head solve?
  • An overview of how urine-diverting toilets work
  • The C-Head can be adapted to suit your unique needs
  • Differences between Humanure and dry composting toilets
  • How can you use compost?
  • What can you do with the waste besides compost it?
  • C-Head toilet best practices
  • Finally, a urine diverting toilet hack that men can use to stay standing
  • Composting toilets all come with a learning curve

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Guest Bio:


Sandy Graves

Sandy Graves

Sandy is a 71 year old retired firefighter/paramedic and former Army Special Forces Medic with 10 grandkids. I also spent about 15 years building boats and being in the cabinet shop business. He and his wife, Nancy, lived aboard their catamaran, Lily Pad, for 5 years after retirement. All of these skills and experiences came together and conspired to have him invent a unique toilet called the C-Head, something he never figured would be a passion of his. 




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More Photos:

The C-Head installed inside a boat.

C-Head Toilet

A rare appearance at a tiny house festival in Florida

An inside view

Sandy's butterfly garden with the Wishing Well compost tower

Inside of the Wishing Well

Inside the Wishing Well

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