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Living off-grid is especially challenging when you're on a 50-ft sailboat in the middle of the ocean. My guest today is Rick Moore, whose sailboat, the Sophisticated Lady, is fully set up to live off-grid for months at a time, with solar and wind power, a water desalination unit, and even a garden on board. Rick walks us through his systems and helps figure out how we can apply them to tiny house living. Stick around!

In This Episode:

  • Solar and wind power make the Sophisticated Lady 99% self-sustainable
  • An in-depth look at the benefits of lithium batteries
  • The importance of redundant systems: back up your backup and your backup's backup
  • Rick's desalination system is a huge game-changer for self-sustainability
  • When ventilation is better than air conditioning
  • How do you grow a garden on a sailboat?
  • Refining the art of being environmentally responsible
  • Rainwater collection tips

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Guest Bio:

Rick Moore

Rick Moore

Rick Moore is the founder of the very first sailing lifestyle YouTube channel, Sailing Sophisticated Lady. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a flair for capturing the beauty of the world on film, he lives full time aboard his 50-ft Sailboat, constantly in search of that perfect image or moment in time. Rick’s knowledge and skill in the marine and video industries combined with his approach to social media, have led him to the forefront of a competitive YouTube niche, with over 400 episodes and instructional videos online. He is passionate about sustainability and the environment and his boat is set up to live completely off-grid for months at a time, with solar and wind power, a water desalination unit, and even a garden on board. Rick is living life large in a tiny floating home in the hopes of inspiring others to question social norms and live life differently.




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More Photos:


Every captain needs a parrot


New teak in the cabin

Test fit of the cabinets

You have to choose planters that won't fall over

The Sophisticated Lady got a new mirror

Teasing his audience with components of his next project

Rick grows peppers, tomatoes, and plenty of basil to supplement their food stores

After chipping out the old wood in preparation for a much-needed makeover

Brand new teak before varnish

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