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Richard Ward of Terraform Tiny Homes has built and lived in three different Tiny Homes named T1, T2, and T3. These include a converted Honda element, a very small tiny house built on a converted boat trailer, and a full-size gooseneck tiny house. Richard's homes are really well thought out, and he actually practices the tiny lifestyle that he helps others achieve. Richard recently purchased a tract of land outside of Bisbee, Arizona, where he is setting up an off-grid, tiny homestead of sorts, and welcoming other tiny houses to come and live. In this conversation, we'll kind of talk about his life journey that led him to the tiny lifestyle, his various tiny homes, and his latest endeavor setting up a permanent property for a tiny house homestead in the desert.

In This Episode:

  • The tiny house was too big? How and why Richard has made 3 different tiny houses.
  • Battery talk: how to get a Tesla battery bank and what makes them great
  • Legality in Cochise County, AZ
  • Hiking the PCT and future hiking plans
  • Tips for finding land for sale
  • How Richard is setting up off-grid in the desert

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Guest Bio:

Richard Ward

Richard Ward

Terraform Tiny Homes began as a passion project of Richard Ward, an artist and designer turned builder. Terraform started as an attempt to live a sustainable life financially, emotionally, and environmentally. Richard wanted a home he could afford and a life he could enjoy without working 30+ years to pay off a mortgage. Terraform One took nearly two years to plan, but in September of 2015 the build began, and thanks to the SIPs style build and help provided by Artisan Tiny House, Richard was able to move in just 4 1/2 months later.

Over the last several years, Richard has become an expert on small space and alternative living design. Personally designing, building, and living in a 32 sq ft Honda Element for 5 months and extremely mobile 54 sq ft micro-home which he has called home since October of 2017. And in 2019 he hiked 1,100 miles over 3 months on the Pacific Crest Trail living entirely out of a 60-liter backpack… In January of 2020, Richard started his latest project, purchasing 24 acres in southern Arizona to start a legal tiny house community of his own.

@TerraformTinyHomes on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


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More Photos:

Inside the Honda Element

Closeup of storage

Getting ready to cook

Bicycle storage on top of the Honda Element






The used trailer

Welding the frame for T3


Good taste


T3, the 3-season home


Room for guests

Bike storage in T1

A birds-eye view

The loft in T1

Interesting plant-holders

Creative backsplash

The kitchen in T1


Nice skylight!

Sleeping area and storage in T3

Inside the kitchen of T3

Outside of T3

Inside of T3

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