Sofia and Henry Junbauer

Sophia and Henry are currently living in their self-designed and built 28′ THOW in Northern Minnesota, where they experience a full range of seasons, including a very cold and long winter. We start with an in-depth discussion of how they are staying warm in their tiny house and preventing their water from freezing on the way in and the way out. If you're thinking of living in a cold climate, this is not to be missed. From there, we turn to rethinking the American dream and a discussion about values, lifestyles, and where a tiny house fits in for a young couple. Don't miss this interview with Sophia and Henry Jungbauer!

In This Episode:

  • The first winter in the Jungbauer tiny house
  • How to keep water from freezing in the Minnesota winter
  • Legality in MN
  • How the Jungbauers decided to live tiny and their goals for the future
  • The Jungbauers' response to criticism of the tiny house movemen
  • Tips for examining cultural influences
  • Plans vs Reality: working on the tiny house in the winter and the dark

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Sofia and Henry Jungbauer

Sofia and Henry Jungbauer

Henry and Sophie Jungbauer are currently living in their self-designed and built 28′ tiny house on wheels in northern Minnesota. Their goal in going tiny was to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and live more intentionally, while sharing their journey along the way. What started as a dream after writing her senior paper on the tiny house movement in 2015, Sophie and Henry are so excited to be living in their tiny house and hope to inspire others by living out their values. They challenge you to explore how culture influences your life, and to rethink what achieving the “American dream” can look like.

Instagram: @radtinyhome


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More Photos:

A place for mail and keys

Kitchen shelves and knife storage

The bathroom

Pretty cupboards and a place for shoes

Corner shelves in the bathroom look nice!

The Junbauers did a lot of winter building

The Nutcracker suite?


The loft and living area

A rainbow over the tiny house


Outdoor cuddles after a job well-done

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