Today we have something a bit different. My guest has never built or lived in a tiny house, and besides a passion for simple living, he’s not involved in the tiny house movement at all. But what my guest Joel Zaslofsky does have to bring, is some spectacular project management skills.

And he’s here to convince us that building a tiny house is a project *worth* being managed. In fact, without project management, you risk going way over time, scope, budget, or all three! I should know…

“Anyone who improves their project management skills is going to build faster, better, and they're going to be closer to being on budget than those who don't” – Joel Zaslofsky (click to tweet)

You'll Learn:

  • What is a project anyway?
  • How to break your tiny house build down into multiple “mini projects”
  • The 3 (or 4) elements of a project and why it's so important to identify them
  • The 5 phases of project management
  • Where to find templates to make project management faster and easier
  • The two main project management methodologies: Pick the one that works for you!
  • What are the best free tools for project management?

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