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Page Hodel is a DJ, artist, and life-long builder. She converted a school bus into a tiny home way back in the 1980s and was featured in Dwell Magazine and on HGTV. Page is inspiring, humble, and is here to share the message that ANYONE can build their own home.

In This Episode:

  • Pioneering the tiny house movement with an old schoolbus
  • Page's carpentry journey: how she learned and practiced
  • A little bit about Page's current project
  • The benefits of trying new things, taking time, and having fun!
  • Challenging stereotypes and dispelling negativity – nobody is born knowing how to do things

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Guest Bio:

Page Hodel

Page Hodel

Page is a 63-year-old woman carpenter who loves to build homes in small spaces. Page renovated a 1973 International Harvester Schoolbus which was featured in Dwell Magazine and on HGTV.


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More Photos:


The perfect parking spot

Cozy with a lot of storage



A tiny pan for the tiny house

Check out Page's trailer


Prepping the trailer

Looking good!



Roxanne brand new to Page

Roxanne Storage

Roxanne Storage

Roxanne shelving

Roxanne's parquet floor

After paint

Roxanne after paint

Part of the bedroom and hallway. Love the triangular side table!

Roxanne's hallway

Roxanne's living room- complete with cat!

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