What does it take to buy and repair a used houseboat and turn it into a successful Airbnb? Nicole Young reached out to me because she was a listener of the show who also happened to have bought two different house boats and retrofitted them to be used as Airbnb hotel rooms. I've been wanting to talk with someone about houseboats for a while, and Nicole was the perfect guest.

In This Episode:

  • Why houseboats?
  • Things you wouldn’t think about, but should
  • About the boats: what they look like, where Nicole found them, and their names
  • Could these boats be full-time residences? What would the costs be?
  • The parallels of Airbnbs and the tiny house movement
  • Sensorial experiences aboard the boats
  • Does Nicole do everything herself?

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Nicole Young

Nicole Young

Nicole Young is the owner of two Floating Bed & Breakfasts affectionately named The Lois Elaine and Stanley Leigh after her late grandparents. Her desire and dream was to combine inn-keeping with houseboat living and it actualized. She’s had The Lois Elaine since 2016 and The Stanley Leigh since 2019. Nicole loves niche and sensorial experiences so the houseboats have given her a chance to let her creativity and passion run wild!

Floating Bed & Breakfasts

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