“The most important thing is to live within your means and live sustainably with the environment in mind” -Emily Gerde

Emily Gerde and her husband Justin, son Wyatt, three cats and one dog live in a 325 square foot tiny house on wheels. Emily is the author of Minimalist Living for a Maximum Life, which provides insight on their tiny house journey and how a minimalist, organic, holistic, mindful lifestyle led to a life of their dreams. Emily will be speaking at the Colorado Tiny House Festival June 22-24 and will continue to move the tiny house movement forward with a passion for sustainable, mindful living.

In this episode:

  • Why did Emily settle on relatively large (325sf) tiny house on wheels?
  • What’s it like to move a 20,000lb tiny house?
  • Why Emily and her family started living in a camper but have decided to abandon that project?
  • How to deal with the judgement you receive from choosing to live in a tiny house as a family?
  • Emily’s efforts to legalize tiny house communities in Colorado
  • What will you do when your young children approach teen age?
  • Do you have to live in a tiny house to be a minimalist?
  • How do you control the space (toys, play area, etc.) associated with kids in your tiny house?
  • How do you deal with receiving gifts when most people tend to give children toys?
  • How have you dealt with the need for an address to enroll your son in school?

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