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There’s something enduring and timeless about the A-frame. It seems to fit into any landscape and instantly says “cozy”. Today, I’m interviewing Michael Romanowicz, founder of Den Outdoors, which designs beautiful, easy to build A-frames and sells plans. In this conversation, we’ll explore the popularity of A-frames, the advantages and disadvantages of the design, and learn about what’s in store at Den.

In This Episode:

  • Building a tiny home helps with more than construction experience
  • Why change the name of your company?
  • Designing with the DIY builder in mind: customizable, easy-to-find materials, easy construction
  • Customer-driven and community-led design choices
  • Why is the A-frame making a comeback?
  • Calculating average building costs, what will save you money, and which categories are excluded in the calculations
  • Plans that make it easy to get your building permits approved
  • How Den is fixing the problems with build kits

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Guest Bio:

Michael Romanowicz

Michael Romanowicz

Michael Romanowicz began laying the foundation of Den in 2018 after building his New York State cabin in the Catskill mountains, lovingly referred to as The Fox Den in honor of his two-year-old son, Fox, born the same month as the build.

With a background as a technology executive, Michael’s latest “day job” was with a subsidiary of WeWork. He has been involved in the real estate industry for over a decade through his work with New York Observer, WeWork, and hospitality company Porter&Sail. Den is his most recent foray into real estate through architecture and design.

Michael has been interviewed by the likes of the BBC and New York Post and has been featured as a keynote speaker for WeWork and a number of incubators on how to build new products and businesses.



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More Photos:


The Fox Den

The A-Frame design is making a comeback

Den let its customers tell them where they wanted to see their next tiny house


It really does look cozy

Lots of natural light and minimalist decor make the A-Frame cabin look super spacious

You should be able to find all the materials you need at any home improvement store


Plans can be customized so that DIY builders can truly make these homes their own



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