Melissa Gersin is here to tell us the tale of 3 tiny house parking spots in 3 years, one of which resulted in her actual eviction. This is not what we want to think about when we are excited about living in a tiny house, but Melissa has been kind enough to share her story and impart some wisdom to help us all avoid some of the negative experiences that she had with tiny house living.


In This Episode:

  • The question that inspired Melissa to start her business
  • Building a tiny house and a business: How Melissa balanced two projects simultaneously
  • How are those lily pad stairs?
  • Some heating issues to consider when choosing systems and parking
  • Three parking spots in three years!
  • Changing from a composting toilet to a flushing toilet
  • Some advice for getting plates in MA
  • What Melissa would do differently

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  Guest Bio:

Melissa Gersin

Melissa Gersin

Melissa Gersin is a maternity nurse turned entrepreneur, inventor and founder of Tranquilo Mat, a vibrating soothing mat for babies that helps calm them and gets them to fall asleep by mimicking the womb. After selling her Cambridge MA condo to invest in her business, Melissa turned to the Tiny House movement as an alternative means of housing so she could pursue her dreams and build her company. She designed the Mayflower Tiny House with builders Wind River Tiny Homes and lives in her dream home for over 3 years before life took her in a different direction and she sold her business and her tiny as she embarked on a greater adventure – married life.  

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More Photos:

Photos courtesy of Wind River Tiny Homes.

Storage stairs, combo washer/dryer, office space.

LP Smartside exterior and copper lights.

Bathtub and shower.


Office space with floating wood and wire shelves.

View from the utility room.


View from the guest loft.

Dutch door.

Built in couch with storage.

On-demand water heater in the utility closet.


The view into the living room from the office area.

Curtains for privacy.

Fireplace with storage.

Steps with storage and a combo washer/dryer.

The lily pad steps to the guest loft.


Kitchen sink with casement windows.

A view from the kitchen.

Open shelving in the kitchen on top, cabinets and drawers on the bottom.

A storm door that turns into a half screen and a pull-down deck.


Storage box over the hitch.

pinterest image for tiny house eviction

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