Liberation Tiny Homes combines fine Amish craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and a pretty quick turnaround time to produce a tiny house package that is very appealing. They have preset models and can also perform custom work in a range of different sizes and styles. On the show today I’ll ask Matt to give us an inside look at the workings of Liberation Tiny Homes, his tips for working with Gooseneck trailers versus regular flatbed trailers, and how this company (that has built over 60 tiny houses!) has seen the tiny house movement change over the last four years.  

In This Episode:

  • The history of Liberation- Why James and Rosemary started Liberation Tiny Homes
  • The Farmhouse Model tiny house and the average cost range
  • Liberation has built almost 70 homes to date
  • The enviously fast lead time Liberation Tiny Homes is able to offer
  • Which frames Liberation uses and the special requests they honor
  • How tiny houses have changed over the last four years and what changes are coming
  • Matt's tips on how to determine the average weight of a tiny house
  • What sets Liberation Tiny Homes apart from other tiny home builders
  • What are some considerations when building on a Gooseneck?
  • What technology are people using in their smart tiny houses?
  • What inspires Matt about tiny houses?

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Matt Meshey

Matt Meshey

Matt Meshey works in sales and marketing for Liberation Tiny Homes based in Lancaster, PA. He loves tiny houses and helping people live the life that they have dreamed about, by downsizing and having more financial freedom. Matt’s sister Melissa lives in the Gooseneck home that Liberation built and he worked with her closely to design that home.


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Liberation Farmhouse door


Liberation Farmhouse THOW


Liberation Farmhouse


Liberation Kitchen bird's eye view


Liberation Farmhouse Kitchen


Liberation Farmhouse Stairs








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