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Malissa and Chris Tack did one of the first tiny house builds to be fully documented in photographs every day. I remember poring through their daily time-lapses to figure out how they did certain things. Their beautiful design included dormers in the loft, which inspired my tiny house and countless others. Melissa is here to tell us the story of her tiny house journey and how the house has continued to support their family as it has grown.

In This Episode:

  • How the Tiny Tack House came to be
  • Having space to offer up to others
  • Plans change and tiny houses adapt
  • Malissa's systems set-up
  • The Tiny Tack House on Airbnb
  • What would we do differently?
  • Tiny house design and plans

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Guest Bio:

Malissa Tack

Malissa Tack

Malissa Tack lives in the greater Seattle area where she designed and built her tiny house in 2011 with her husband, Christopher Tack. The Tiny Tack House as its come to be known, was a loving home for the Tacks for 4 years, before deciding to purchase property of their own for the little house to sit on. Currently, The Tiny Tack House is helping inspire others and give tiny house enthusiasts the chance to “try tiny” before embarking on their own tiny house endeavors.


The outside of the Tiny Tack House


A view into the kitchen

Living and dining areas

This tiny house does not have full-sized appliances



Composting toilet



The dining table folds down for extra room.

Dormers make the sleeping area feel big enough for two people

A view from the loft

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