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After over 40,000 miles of traveling in her homemade travel trailer with her two kids partner and a dog, Macy Miller has created an online course to help others learn how to live the mobile lifestyle.

In This Episode:

  • Updates on Macy’s tiny lifestyle, 6 years in
  • Why Macy and her family are leaving Boise and her strategy for finding tiny house friendly land
  • Macy’s plans for developing her land into a showcase of alternative building techniques
  • Macy’s new course on full-time RV living
  • How to handle banking while on the road
  • How to minimize your paper mail so you don’t miss anything important
  • Macy’s favorite apps for life on the road
  • Tips for heating healthy on the road
  • What happens when Macy’s kids reach school age?
  • How to handle medical care on the road? 

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Macy Miller

Macy Miller

Macy Miller's, Famous Gooseneck Tiny House:

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