Lee Pera is an early pioneer in the tiny house movement and she actually helped build the first tiny house community that I ever saw, which was Boneyard Studios in Washington D.C. I wanted to have Lee on the show because she is planning a tour to teach classes in construction project management, and in addition to that, she has a lot of experience building tiny house communities. We’ll talk about why Boneyard Studios ultimately did not succeed, but how it’s all part of her tiny house journey. It’s a really interesting conversation that will teach you and inspire you quite a bit.

In This Episode:

  • Lee’s decision to build her own tiny house and start a tiny house community
  • How Washington D.C. re-wrote it’s zoning to allow for accessory dwelling units
  • The part that Boneyard Studios played in the start of the tiny house movement
  • Boneyard Studio’s demise and what Lee learned from it
  • Should you plan to move your tiny house often?
  • Why did Lee buy a “big” house and what is NACA?
  • About Kotierra: what it is, what the name means, and who it’s for.
  • The Kotierra tour vehicle and locations
  • Lee’s partnership with the American Tiny House Association
  • What does a modern-day geographer actually do?

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Lee Pera

Lee Pera

Lee is a geographer and community builder.  She lived in 28 houses in six countries before landing in Washington, D.C. where she built her own tiny house on wheels and started a tiny house community. Founder of Kotierra, Lee shares her expertise as a tiny house consultant, helping communities and cities implement zoning changes for tiny house development and leading workshops for individuals curious about the movement.




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