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Kristie Wolfe is an Airbnb rockstar. Even if you don't recognize her name, you've probably seen one of her incredible Airbnb's, whether it's her treehouse in Hawaii, her Hobbit Holes in Washington, or her Fire Tower in Idaho. She also transformed the old Idaho potato into a bohemian chic hotel room. Kristie is also extremely frugal- she builds her tiny homes for a fraction of what you would expect by looking at them, using salvaged materials and making things herself. In this conversation, we cover Kristie's building philosophy, how she transforms properties into desirable Airbnbs, how she finds cheap land, and more. 

In This Episode:

  • How COVID-19 has affected Kristie's Airbnb listings
  • Scrappy and resourceful: how Kristie saves money by building instead of buying
  • What is “owner carry” and how does it work?
  • How to find cheap land
  • A little about Kristie's course to train you to get the most out of Airbnb
  • Airbnb is having a competition and Kristie is a judge
  • Zoning issues that you may want to research
  • Kristie's plans for a greenhouse in Idaho
  • Where does she find plans?
  • Trial and error is an important and rewarding process

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Guest Bio:

Kristie Wolfe

Kristie Wolfe

Kristie Wolfe is a talented builder and an Airbnb entrepreneur. She owns some of the top favorited Airbnb properties in the world, including a tree house in Hawaii, a Hobbit hole in Washington, a fire tower, and, most recently, the Idaho Potato. With over 1,000 5-star reviews, Kristie is now putting together a course with everything you need to know about running a successful Airbnb.

🌴 Treehouse in HI @bigislandtreehouse
🍄 Hobbit Hole in WA @thehobbitinn
🌲 Fire Lookout in ID @crystalpeaklookout
🥔 Potato Hotel in Boise @bigidahopotatohotel
💍 Wedding venue in Nampa Idaho @whitebarnathappyvalley


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More Photos:


The Hobbit Hole in Washington

What a view!

Fireplace in the Hobbit Hole

A bedroom for Hobbits

The Hobbit Hole bathtub is all wood

Big Island Treehouse

Big Island Treehouse swing

Big Island Treehouse bedroom

Big Island Treehouse bathroom

The Fire Lookout

A deck with a fire pit and a sauna – in the woods at the Fire Lookout

The bedroom at the Fire Lookout

The fireplace and wood storage that Kristie designed

An antique coffee grinder at the Fire Lookout

The Potato Hotel in Boise, Idaho

Daisy, the resident cow, is super friendly (and photogenic)

A view from the Potato

A fireplace inside the Potato

Who knew a Potato could have such a nice bedroom?

The trough bathtub looks inviting.


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