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Kerri reached out to me because she started a meetup group in Edmonton, Alberta that grew to be quite large. She has created a tiny house community where there was none before. Kerri has actually been interested in the tiny house movement for years, and finally decided to embark on her own build after several years of being involved in the community. It’s an inspiring story, and we also get to learn more about what the laws are surrounding tiny houses in Canada.

In This Episode:

  • How Edmonton is working to legalize tiny homes and the loopholes that allow them
  • The limitations of the current laws also affect builders
  • Tiny Timber travel plans (say that 5 times fast)
  • How will Kerri heat her tiny house?
  • Canada's progress with the tiny house movement
  • Kerri's advice for how to start a tiny house community group

Links and Resources:

Spray foam being installed on the subfloor today. Special thanks to @detailsinsulation and of course Finished Right Contracting

Posted by Traveling Timber Tiny House on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Guest Bio:

Kerri Timbers

Kerri Timbers

In 2014 Kerri, along with 2 other tiny house enthusiasts, established a tiny house group called “YEG Tiny Homes” for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They began hosting meetings in local coffee shops, allowing people from all over the city to come together to talk about building tiny houses. The team worked with the city to discuss the importance of the Tiny house movement and how it could improve the city's housing issues. Kerri is currently in the process of building a 16′ tiny house, Traveling Timber Tiny, with her builder, Steve Zaleschuk from Finished Right Contracting. Kerri's goal with the tiny house is to travel through Canada and the US to inspire people to follow their dreams of tiny living and share her journey for others to learn from.

Instagram: @travelingtimbertiny


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It's got a fold down porch!

At just 16′ long, this tiny is ready to roll!

Ample storage on the tongue

Batteries for off grid!


And now to the inside… a suspension bed that lifts up when not in use!

Here's the bed in “daytime mode”

Step up into the bathroom

That kitchen though!

View of the storage loft

Compact and functional



There's even a tiny soaking tub!

A sink in the bathroom and laundry!?

Lots of closet space.

Hand built door.



Outdoor seating for two

Those aren't holes in the walls- those are strips of LED lighting to give the tiny house that “nighttime barn” look. So cool!

​Kerri's Build Photos:

Kerri and her trailer

Kerri taped off an area on her floor to plan her tiny house







A way to track your tiny house if you ever need to



Putting on the roof

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