If you’ve never heard of Kent Griswold, you’re probably mistaken! Kent runs the near-ubiquitous TinyHouseBlog and publishes the monthly Tiny House Magazine. In our wide-ranging conversation, we’ll talk about where Kent sees the movement going, plus what kind of tiny house he hopes to one day live in. Kent is a thoughtful, knowledgeable guest, and you’re sure to learn something about the movement from this interview.

“Some people think the tiny house movement is going away. In 11 years it hasn’t gone away, and it’s exploding now” – Kent Griswold

You’ll Learn:

  • How embracing the tenets of the tiny house movement can improve your life even if you never live tiny
  • Where is the tiny house movement headed?
  • Do you actually need to live tiny to experience the benefits?
  • All about the history of the tiny house magazine

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