Are you interested in a mobile lifestyle? Traveling while you work? Living tiny? The #vanlife might be the life for you. My guest Kathleen Morton is the cofounder of Vanlife Diaries and is here to share stories and wisdom from her own vanlife, and from others she's met along the way. 

Kathleen Morton travels and lives part time out of her 1987 Toyota van with her dog Peaches. Kathleen is the founder of Tiny House, Tiny Footprint, a community she created to share stories about those choosing alternative lifestyles, living more environmentally consciously, and spending more time in nature. She is also the co-founder of Vanlife Diaries, a social media and online platform that tells stories and connects vanlifers around the world. You might often find her backpacking in national forest, working on organic farms or climbing canyon walls in the desert. Her book, “Vanlife Diaries: Finding Freedom on the Open Road,” came out April 9 in bookstores. The book celebrates the nomadic lifestyle and community of vanlife through interviews, essential advice for living on the road, and more than 200 photos of tiny rolling homes.


In This Episode:

  • Tiny House, Tiny Footprint vs Van Life Diaries
  • How full time life on the road can be so difficult and why Kathleen has decided to go part-time
  • Why *vanlife on Instagram isn’t always an accurate representation of the lifestyle
  • Why you should learn to become your own mechanic
  • What’s the appeal of older/vintage vans?
  • Kathleen’s favorite stories from her Roll With Me podcast
  • How can you dip your toe into the vanlife lifestyle?
  • Why Kathleen chose a ~1,000sf ground-bound home instead of a tiny house on wheels

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