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Kari Gale sold everything she owned, booked a one-way ticket to Spain, walked the Camino de Santiago. Upon her return, Kari built an amazing tiny house on wheels that has some features that have made it a very popular YouTube video tour on Living Big in a Tiny House. In this conversation with we talk about the special features of Kari's house, and the journey that brought her to tiny living. So, what's it like to sell everything you own? Kari shows us how her journey helped inspire her tiny house lifestyle and how we can all apply lessons from her travels to our own lives.

In This Episode:

  • 6'3″ in a tiny house? How Kari designed her house to accommodate her height.​
  • Kari assisted her contractor with the build
  • The tiny house allows Kari to enjoy her life around people she loves
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago in 2013 and the inspiration for her first book
  • The relief of letting go, another walk on the Camino de Santiago, and living in Iona
  • Slow down and let yourself experience everything

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Guest Bio:

Kari Gale

Kari Gale

Kari Gale is an artist and writer specializing in food and travel illustration. She has published two books birthed from her travels in Europe; The Art of Walking: An Illustrated Journey on the Camino de Santiago (2015) and Portraits of Iona: An Artist’s Perspective in Paint and Prose (2017). She also co-hosts the Pilgrim Lost podcast with her friend and author Tony Kriz which embraces the belief that the transformative aspects of pilgrimage can be intertwined within the most normal patterns of daily life. Kari lives and works in NE Portland in the tiny house she built in 2018.

IG: @karimgale, @pilgrimlost

Facebook: @artistkarigale, @pilgrimlost


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More Photos:

Working from (the tiny) home

The bed comes down when Kari needs to use it…

… and up again when she doesn't.


Beautiful tilework from Kari, the master tiler

The kitchen

There's even a deck!


All photos by Rasa Pescud

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