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Justin and Bianca Metz live in a 240sf tiny home with their toddler, Bodhi. The journey to living tiny was anything but smooth. After a terrible experience towing the house which resulted in a $7000 towing bill, finding parking wasn't easy. They are now living as land stewards in trade for tiny house parking. Living tiny has enabled Bianca and Justin to live in more connection with nature, and we cover it all in this interview, from permaculture to parking, to parenting.

In This Episode:

  • After looking at many, many options, the Metz family decided on a tiny house on wheels
  • Finding insurance for a tiny house and the stipulations they had to follow
  • How they financed their tiny house
  • The difficult road home – towing problems with the tiny house
  • Justin and Bianca's advice for buying a tiny house
  • What does a land steward do and how does the arrangement work?
  • How Bianca is working to help change the laws to allow for tiny houses
  • A sense of ownership and of giving back to the land
  • Teaching your child through purposeful work and time together

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Guest Bio:

Justin and Bianca Metz

Justin and Bianca Metz

Justin and Bianca Metz, along with their toddler Bodhi embarked on a life-changing journey, moving into their 240 square foot tiny house on 6 acres of land in Ontario Canada. Justin teaches at a land-based Adolescent Montessori School, however, it was his extensive experience as a Wilderness Canoe guide and love for the natural world that sparked their “tiny” journey. They wanted a simpler, slower life, connected to nature and conscious of their eco-footprint. Sustainable living is their ultimate goal, and living tiny serves this. Bianca is an entrepreneur, Founder of The Giving Tree Family, as a Simple Living Specialist and Downsizing expert she coaches families on ways to live simple sustainable lifestyles.

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More Photos:

Room for toys and books in the tiny house

Clothing storage

The kitchen


All decorated for winter

Justin and Bodhi in the greenhouse

Towing the tiny house


Clothing, toy, and book storage

Kitchen storage

Kitchen counter and shelves

The tiny house


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