Today my guest is Jody Brady. In 2014, after living in a series of traditionally scaled houses, Jodi and her husband Bill decided it was time to “right-size” their living space. They designed and built our tiny home in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, and the've been living tiny for two and a half years.

In this interview, we get into what it’s like to go tiny as a couple at retirement age, but who certainly aren’t “retired” in the traditional sense. We’ll talk about what “rightsizing” is and how you can get rid of things that you no longer need that are standing in your way.

Favorite Quotes:

“I want to be rich in people and experiences and very careful about how many material things I accumulate.”

-Jody Brady

“I was such a bad fit to be in a cubicle, in a basement, with no windows, for so much of my life”

-Jody Brady

Photos of Jody and Bill's Tiny House:

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