Jewel is leading the conversation on inclusiveness and diversity in the tiny house movement and is a wonderful interview guest. We talk about a wide range of topics, from her own tiny house and the special features inside it, to some issues that persist in our housing and financial systems. There are many problems with housing in the United States, and there’s been systemic racism built into our housing system and financial structures for a long time. I think it’s important that as we build the tiny house movement we do what we can to prevent this movement from reflecting the system at large by keeping these kinds of things in mind, and Jewel has some great suggestions on how we can all move forward.


In This Episode:

  • Jewel’s tiny house story
  • The unique features and design that makes Jewel’s tiny house work for her
  • What mistakes did she make, and how can you avoid doing the same?
  • The HGTV experience.
  • Tiny House Trailblazers and “holding space”
  • How can the tiny house movement mitigate racism and be inclusive of everyone?
  • What are some parallels between the tiny house movement and racism and how can we work together to change them?
  • How does an Agrihood work?

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Jewel Pearson

Jewel Pearson

Jewel is a tiny house advocate, community leader and speaker sharing her tiny living experiences, offering consulting services and teaching workshops to assist others in achieving their tiny living dreams. Jewel is also the founder of Tiny House Trailblazers, a duo of powerful and uniquely talented women of color who are a voice for real community and inclusion within the movement.

IG: msgypsysoul1
Twitter: @msgypsysoul
IG: tinyhousetrailblazers
Twitter: @TH Trailblazers

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